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Top 10 Wisdom Teeth Questions Answered

December 31, 2023
Top 10 Wisdom Teeth Questions Answered

Many patients have questions about wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third molars that should erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. However, most patients do not have room in the jawbone for wisdom teeth to erupt, leading to problems with impaction and crowding.


This blog will answer our top 10 patient questions about wisdom teeth, giving you a chance to understand these teeth and why they may need removal.

1. What are some of the reasons why I may need my wisdom teeth removed?

You may need your wisdom teeth removed for several reasons:

  • Impaction: If your wisdom teeth are trapped under the gum or within your jawbone, they may be impacted. Impacted teeth cannot erupt normally into the mouth due to lack of space. Impacted teeth can press on neighboring teeth, causing pain, tooth damage, and misalignment.
  • Partial Eruption: If your tooth repeatedly erupts and then subsides below the gum line, you may experience pain and infection. Removing the wisdom tooth will stop the cycle and improve your oral health.

2. What is the best age to have wisdom teeth removed?

Generally, the younger, the better, starting in the early teens. Younger patients recover more easily from wisdom teeth surgery with less complex operations. Their recovery times are shorter as well.

3. What if I wait to have my wisdom teeth removed?

The longer you wait for a wisdom teeth removal procedure, the more complications you will likely encounter. Older patients may have a greater chance of developing a painful dry socket, among other problems. 

4. Why can't wisdom teeth erupt normally into most patients' mouths?

Most patients do not have room in their jaws for the third molars. Wisdom teeth are a historical remnant from when humans ate tougher foods and needed the extra chewing power. Over the centuries, the human jaw has lost mass.

5. Does everyone have wisdom teeth?

No, not everyone has these teeth. One or more wisdom teeth may be missing.

6. What happens on the day of wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth surgery is comfortable and quick. Many patients opt for IV or general anesthesia, which results in no memory of the procedure itself. Typically, it takes no longer than an hour to remove all four wisdom teeth, but the surgery may be longer if the teeth are impacted.

7. Is the surgery painful?

The surgery is painless thanks to extensive local anesthesia and sedation.

8. What should I do to assist in my recovery after surgery?

Be sure to follow the oral surgeon's aftercare recommendations regarding caring for and cleaning your surgery site. If you follow the instructions, you will heal quickly and experience fewer complications. Stay hydrated and nourish yourself well to avoid problems. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drinking out of a straw for at least a few days.

9. What foods can I eat after wisdom teeth surgery?

Stick to soft foods for the first week or two. Avoid hot, spicy, or crunchy foods. Scrambled eggs, smoothies, soups without large chunks of meat, yogurt, ice cream, pasta, and mashed potatoes are all great choices.

10. What are the possible complications with wisdom teeth surgery?

You may lose your blood clot prematurely if you smoke or use a straw. Losing a blood clot can lead to an uncomfortable condition called dry socket. You may experience certain nerve problems, but these problems are rare.

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