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Preoperative Instructions

  • For General Anesthesia / IV Sedation:
    • Nothing to eat/drink including water for 8 hours prior to surgery
      • If surgery is in the afternoon, you may have a LIGHT breakfast/liquids up to 6 hours pre-op
    • Someone must drive you to the office on the day of surgery.  The car and driver must remain at the office while surgery is being performed and drive you home from the office.  
    • Please wear a loose fitting short sleeved shirt so that we may apply monitors used in surgery
    • Remove dark nail polish and acrylic nails and contacts prior to surgery
  • Start rinsing with Peridex the day before surgery using it in the morning and at night before bed.
  • On the morning of surgery, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with Peridex one hour prior to surgery.
  • Take your antibiotics one hour prior to surgery with a small sip of water (<4 ounces).  It is recommended to take probiotics while taking antibiotics.


  • Take Regular medications as usual with small sip of water (<4 ounces) (for Hypertension, Thyroid, etc.)
  • Hold Diabetes medications on AM of surgery if you require food while taking your medication
  • If Diabetic taking insulin
    • Hold short acting insulin, ½ dose of long acting insulin on morning of surgery or the night before
    • Finger stick AM of surgery
    • Insulin pump on basilar rate
    • Bring glucometer
  • Hold Aspirin/Plavix 5 days pre-op with your MD’s permission
  • Stop Coumadin 5 days pre-op with your MD’s permission

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