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A Patient's Guide to The Dental Implant Procedure

July 22, 2023
A Patient's Guide to The Dental Implant Procedure | Braasch

When it comes to dental well-being, there's nothing quite like having the confidence to flaunt your smile. However, what if missing teeth or annoying gaps dampen your self-assurance? Fear not, because that's where dental implants step in like superheroes.

When it comes to improving your smile and maintaining good oral health, the dental implant procedure has gained immense popularity. However, let's face the truth: there are numerous choices and factors to take into account, making it challenging to navigate this process alone.

But no need to worry - we are here, fully committed to supporting you throughout this entire journey. That's precisely why we have created a detailed guide tailored to accompany you every step of the way during the dental implant procedure, ensuring you receive the necessary guidance and unwavering assistance at each juncture.

Benefits of Dental Implants

When it comes to filling those gaps in your beautiful smile or replacing missing teeth, dental implants have truly captured the spotlight. 

The advantages are remarkable. These not only work their magic on your oral health, but they also give your overall appearance a major upgrade while boosting your confidence levels through the roof. So, let's not waste another moment and explore some of the incredible perks that dental implants have in store for you:

Improved Oral Health

Dental implants are a true marvel as they're crafted to mimic the look and functionality of natural teeth. Here's the kicker: they don't just enhance your smile but also work wonders for your oral health. Unlike other tooth replacement options like dentures, dental implants go the extra mile. They're securely anchored into the jawbone, promoting bone growth and preventing bone loss. This remarkable feature helps keep oral health issues like gum disease and tooth decay at bay. It's like having the best of both worlds—a stunning smile and a healthy mouth.

Better Appearance

When you're missing teeth or faced with those pesky smile gaps, it's no secret that your confidence can take a hit. But don't worry; dental implants are here to work their magic. These extraordinary wonders are expertly designed to replicate the look and function of natural teeth, making way for that breathtaking smile you've been yearning for.

Increased Confidence

Each dental implant is tailor-made to seamlessly fit your mouth, effortlessly blending in with your existing teeth. It's like experiencing a touch of enchantment—your smile restored and your self-assurance soaring sky-high, all at once.

Types of Dental Implants

There are two main types of dental implants: endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants.

Endosteal Implants

When it comes to dental implants, endosteal implants take the spotlight as the most commonly used type. Picture this: they're like tiny screws crafted from titanium—a strong and reliable material. These incredible implants are directly placed into the jawbone, serving as fantastic substitutes for one or more missing teeth. 

Endosteal implants can also step up their game by providing support for a dental bridge or dentures. It's all about versatility and ensuring you have a smile that's as sturdy as it is stunning!

The Dental Implant Procedure


Embarking on the exciting journey towards dental implants starts with a crucial first step: your initial consultation with a dental professional. This meeting is a golden opportunity for them to get to know your mouth and jawbone on a personal level. Through a meticulous examination, they will carefully evaluate whether dental implants are the perfect fit for you.

They'll also discuss your medical history and inquire about any medications you're currently taking. It's all about ensuring your well-being and guaranteeing that you're in optimal condition for the procedure. 

Treatment Plan

A personalized treatment plan is the foundation of a successful dental implant journey. It exemplifies your dental professional's dedication to addressing your unique aspirations and needs. By tailoring the plan to your specific situation, they provide you with the highest level of care, ultimately leading to exceptional results and your utmost satisfaction.

Preparing for the Procedure

Before the procedure, you will need to prepare your mouth and body for the implant surgery. This will typically involve taking antibiotics and pain medication to prepare for the procedure. You may also need to have any remaining teeth extracted or undergo bone grafting if your jawbone is not strong enough to support the implants.

The Implant Surgery

When it's time for the implant surgery, you'll be given local anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. The dental professional will skillfully place the implants directly into your jawbone. Once that's done, they'll carefully close the gum tissue with stitches, and that's when the magic of healing begins. 

Now, let's talk about preparing yourself for this exciting dental adventure. 

Preparing for the Dental Implant Procedure

If you are considering the dental implant procedure, there are several things you can do to prepare yourself for the surgery.

Choose the Right Dental Professional

Selecting the right dental professional is absolutely crucial when it comes to ensuring a successful dental implant procedure. It's all about finding someone who has ample experience in dental implant surgery and is more than willing to address any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. 

Remember, you deserve someone who will not only provide top-notch care but also make you feel comfortable and well-informed every step of the way. So, take your time, do your research, and find that exceptional dental professional who will be your trusted partner in achieving that beautiful smile you've been dreaming of.

Follow Your Dental Professional's Instructions

Before the big day arrives, your dental professional will equip you with specific instructions to follow. These guidelines might involve steering clear of certain foods or medications and prepping your mouth for the upcoming surgery. It's absolutely crucial to give those instructions your full attention if you want to achieve the best possible outcome. Following their guidance diligently is key to a successful and seamless journey ahead. 

Prepare for Recovery Time

After you've successfully undergone the dental implant procedure, get ready to embark on a crucial recovery period spanning a few months. This phase plays a pivotal role in ensuring proper healing of the implants. Throughout this recovery period, it's crucial to pay close attention to your diet and activities. Opt for foods that aid in healing and won't hinder the recovery process, while avoiding any rigorous activities that could potentially strain the implants. By being mindful of these factors, you'll create an optimal environment for healing and ensure that your implants have the best chance to settle in comfortably.

Dental Implants in Bedford

If you're seeking to enhance your smile's beauty and boost your overall oral health, a dental implant might just be the perfect fit for you. With careful preparation and diligent post-operative care, dental implants can work wonders as an effective and durable solution for those pesky missing teeth or unsightly smile gaps. Rest assured, with the right approach, you can unlock a confident smile that lasts a lifetime!

To determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and to discuss your options, contact us at 603-657-1984.


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